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Our Commitment

Annuit Coeptis Investments upholds high legal, ethical and moral standards by fostering and encouraging a culture of fiduciary responsibilities and compliance with local and international laws and regulations. 

We recognize in our industry reputation and trust are of utmost importance. Since inception, we have cultivated a strong culture of ethics throughout the firm to ensure our clients’ interests are always at the forefront of our activities.


In our Code of Conduct, we summarize the key directives, policies, practices and values which enable us to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and deliverance which have always been at the heart of our success.


Company Profile

We realize potential in private markets by financing and developing great companies, desirable real estate and essential infrastructure. We create value in our investments through active and long-term responsible ownership. Our partner sister concern company World Vision Corp. has a proven track record of investing over $1.3 Billion USD in private investments over the last 5 years. In this endeavor, we will invest over USD $500 Million in private equity, private real estate, private debt and private infrastructure by 2024.


Investing in private markets

We invest in private assets, held outside capital markets. Our focus is investing in high-quality companies, real estate assets or infrastructure assets and creating value in our investments through active, long-term and responsible ownership.


We generate growth during our holding period by actively working with management teams to improve the performance and strategic direction of a company or asset, carry out operational improvements and source complimentary acquisitions. Our investment holding period typically lasts five to eight years. Throughout this period, there is a strong alignment of interest between us as equity owners and the management team, as we are both focused on maintaining sustainable value creation and a stable ownership structure.

Once our value creation objectives have been achieved at the end of the holding period, we aim to realize returns for our investors by selling our interest in the company or asset.


Accessing private markets

We are at the forefront of providing tailored private markets investment solutions for private clients with a proven track record. 

Access to private market investments has traditionally been constrained by high minimum commitment amounts and a lack of liquidity during the holding period, making it difficult for private investors to invest. As a result, it is largely institutional investors who have been able to benefit from the attractive return profile and diversification benefits provided by private markets asset classes to-date.

We developed a range of private market investment solutions that are available for private individuals to overcome these high barriers to entry. 

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