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About Us:

At Annuit Coeptis Investments, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to integrity, professionalism and a strong work ethic. We uphold high legal, ethical, and moral standards, and our team is dedicated to fostering a culture of fiduciary responsibilities and compliance with local and international laws and regulations. Our priority is to ensure that every investment we make is in the best interest of our clients and the community.

Whether you’re an institutional investor or a high net worth individual, you can count on Annuit Coeptis Investments to provide you with personalized attention and expertise in managing your private equity investments. We work closely with our clients to develop customized investment strategies that align with their goals and objectives, and we remain dedicated to providing them with the highest level of service throughout the investment lifecycle. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to ethical business practices, we are the partner you can count on to help you achieve your financial objectives.


Our track record speaks for itself - we have a deep understanding of the markets we invest in and have helped our clients to achieve their financial goals through careful investment strategies. Our team is composed of experienced analysts, managers and advisors, all dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex world of private equity investments. We want to help you achieve your financial goals, and we do that by leveraging our expertise and resources to identify the best investment opportunities.


Company Profile

Our organization endeavors to unlock potential in private markets through the financing and development of exceptional companies, desirable real estate, and essential infrastructure. We strive to generate value in our investments through active and responsible ownership over the long term. Our affiliated partner, World Vision Corp., has a demonstrated history of investing more than $1.3 billion USD in private investments within the past five years. In pursuit of this objective, we aim to invest over $500 million USD in private equity, private real estate, private debt, and private infrastructure by the year 2024.


Investing in private markets

Our investment strategy involves allocating funds towards private assets that are held outside of capital markets. Our primary focus is on investing in high-quality companies, real estate assets, or infrastructure assets, with the aim of creating value through active, long-term, and responsible ownership. During our holding period, we strive to generate growth by working closely with management teams to improve performance and strategic direction, implementing operational improvements, and identifying complementary acquisitions. Typically, our investment holding period lasts between five to eight years, during which we maintain a strong alignment of interest with the management team, as we both share a common goal of sustainable value creation and a stable ownership structure. Upon achieving our value creation objectives at the end of the holding period, we aim to realize returns for our investors by divesting our interest in the company or asset.


Accessing private markets

We are a leading provider of customized private markets investment solutions for private clients, boasting a proven track record of success. Historically, access to private market investments has been limited by substantial minimum commitment requirements and illiquidity during the holding period, thereby posing significant challenges for private investors seeking to invest. Consequently, institutional investors have predominantly reaped the benefits of the attractive return profile and diversification advantages offered by private markets asset classes. To address these obstacles, we have devised a suite of private market investment solutions that are accessible to private individuals, effectively surmounting the aforementioned barriers to entry.

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